May 28, 2017
The Bitchy Bartender

Welcome to the Bitchy Bartender blog. As a Bartender for uhhh ...25 plus years, I've shared in the good times and the bad of the industry. As a first post, I've decided to create a list of Do's and Dont's for the bar patron. While not every Bartender will feel this way, rest assured, more do than dont. That being said, enjoy, and learn. 😁 1. DON'T enter the bar already staggering, giddy, slurring your words, or being overly obnoxious. Even if you always stagger, just got a tooth pulled two days ago, and are loud by nature. You must contain yourself, or don't expect to be served. 2. DO enter the building calmly, smile, seat yourself, and acknowledge when the Bartender greets you. 3. DON'T be offended when the Bartender asks for I.D. Also, don't think we are complimenting your appearance, physique, body, or anything else. Don't think we are hitting on you, either. I assure you, we are just doing our job. 4. DO know what you are ordering, or at least have an idea of what you like so we can assist you. When a patron comes to the bar and is asked " what can I get you" and you have no idea, we have no idea how to serve you. It is not our alcohol, most places do not allow an endless frenzy of taste testing until you find what you are looking for.. Have an idea! It helps us help you 5. DON'T arrive at the bar with screenshots of whatever frou frou drink that has hit social media that day and ask for it by some fancy, rarely heard of name, Or worse yet, ask for it by name, without the screen shot of ingredients then insult our intelligence for not knowing what you are talking about. If YOU don't know what is in it perhaps you shouldn't be drinking it. 6. DO bring new recipes to a Bartender, when we aren't up to our elbows in beer foam, bottle caps, and shakers, most are interested in trying new things that other customers may like. 7. DON'T set yourself up for coyote ugly repeats. After your first few, if you find him or her in a bar, leave em there! 8. DO have a good time! Bartenders love when their patrons are having fun. Just remember, keep your clothes on, your shoes on ( you would be surprised by the amount of people who do not...) and try not to spill or break anything! 9. DON'T continually ask for the jukebox or television to be turned up. YOU may have fuzzy ear syndrome, but WE still have to hear the rest of our customers orders, and be cognizant of everything going on in the bar. 10. DO order a final round at last call. We want your sales, and lets be real, your tip, but saying no and then returning after you've completed last call is chaos. 11. DON'T argue with us at closing time. This is absolutely unacceptable. You don't have to go home, but you do have to go, Bartenders are Gods and Godesses, don't mess with us....

Posted at 09:02 pm by Wendynor
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